Five Fashion Hotspots In India

Shillong & Imphal 

The Northeast is the fashion capital of India. The region has the right blend of both Indian and western culture that largely influences the fashion choices of the residents. The Northeast, especially Shillong, has a significant Korean influence in their daily lives, ranging from movies to fashion. What stands out in this region’s fashion is its fusion nature and also highly experimentative character. The streets are hotspots for fashion lovers with things that range from athleisure to high street fashion to accessories. The emphasis here is on basics. Shillong and Imphal make the basics work by adding some fiery accessories to pump it up.

New Delhi 

Delhi is a pompous city that always demands the best. This is evident from their choice of lifestyle, clothing, and accessories. Delhi’s fashion ranges from street markets to luxury malls to boutiques. Your choice depends on the budget you have in mind. Delhi is the heartland of India’s fashion conscious. Delhi is especially famous for its wedding wardrobe. The wedding season in Delhi is a to-do in everyone’s bucket list. This is when the people in the city pick of their hottest outfits to rock the festivities that are in line. Remember that subtle is not Delhi’s style. Poppy, bright, and extravagant, are the keywords for Delhi’s wardrobe choices. It is also important to keep in mind that a lot of Delhi’s fashion choices are inspired by the latest trends in the Bollywood Film Industry and the ramp. Delhi is hot and unapologetic about its fashion choices both on and off the streets.


Mumbai is the city of dreams, and this stands true both regarding career and fashion. Mumbai is quite an interesting contrast to Delhi, both in terms of people and style. Mumbai is very subtle and mellow in its manner. Mumbaikers like their outfits to tick two boxes, Stylish and comfortable. Unlike Delhi, Mumbai’s fashion choices are based on outfits that bring out their individuality. They customize trends to suit their personality ensuring they always add a touch of themselves to their outfits to make it stand out. Mumbai does have its own set of boutiques for its class-conscious fashionistas, but it is most famous for its street fashion. The streets of Mumbai are extremely artistic in its style, and every individual on these streets is setting their trend which in many cases turn around to inspire ramp fashion designers.



Pune is a small city with a fashionable yet, not-so-loud sense of style. Pune, it must be noted has a lot of student population, and therefore the fashion in this region is majorly influenced by college students. The city is popular for its ripped jeans and kurtas, emo fashion, kicks and monochrome shades. Pune is a little more hipster in its trends as compared to Delhi and Mumbai. The city believes in creating and setting trends for other cities to follow. The city’s fashion is for the young and lively both by heart and age!



Bangalore is the IT city, and most of its active population are working or college-going. The fashion choices in this city down south are quite quaint owing to the calm and composed outlook of those residing in the city. Bangalore, much like Mumbai is very subtle and mellow in its fashion choices. However, it is still quirky and flavored.


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