Bizarre Fashion Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

Mark Twain invented the Bra Clasp 

Now there is more than one reason to remember the famous Mark Twain for it is him who invented the clasp at the back of a bra. Twain’s patent stated that the intent behind his invention is for the clasp to be used in pantaloons, vests, and other garments that require straps.

Andy Warhol was the inspiration behind Christian Louboutin’s red soles

Although, ancient mythology states that the famous Sung King Louis XIV wore red-soled shoes and he secured this privilege solely for the family of Monarchs. However, Louboutin’s inspiration for the creation of the red sole was Andy Warhol’s “Flowers.” His assistant’s red nail paint topped the first red sole and thus was born the iconic Christian Louboutin ” Red Sole.”


red-soled shoes


 Activewear is an invention of recent times

In ancient times, people used to exercises naked. The very meaning of the word “gymnasium” is Greek for “place to be naked.” The ancient greek believed in being naked and exercising in being synonymous. The concept of clothed exercises was of the new ages when people began becoming increasingly conscious of their bodies, and also science began identifying the side effects of exercising naked.

Platform shoes were invented for “literal” drama queens

Platform shoes are not an invention of recent times. They date back to age as ancient as 450 BCE. Back then it was called the Cothurnus. These shoes were made of leather and were cork-soled. The cork soles were up to 6 inches tall and mostly worn by Greek drama actors to add to their heights and stage presence. Although they were popular, they were considered to be awful looking shoes and were therefore hidden by long and flowy robes on stage.

High heels were originally invented for men

Although in this day and age it is the women who are consumers of high heels, back when it came into existence it was designed for men to use as riding footwear. This helped men secure their feet in the stirrups thereby enabling them to shoot the bow and arrow more effectively. However, around 1600s women began sporting high heels as a part of a masculine fashion vogue, along with other trends such as short hair, hats and smoking pipes. Eventually, with the increase in women consumers, the market for man-heels crashed.



Not jeans, but waist-high overalls

Jeans, as we know it today, isn’t how they were called before. Around the time Levi Strauss & Co. patented the riveted denim pants in the year 1873, they called it the “waist-high overalls.”This term went on to be used for decades after that until the baby boomer generation began referring to them as “Blue Jeans.”


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