Traditional Wedding Outfits From Around The World



India is a land of vibrant culture and colors. Weddings are a big deal in India, and every region has unique cultural practices that rub off on their wedding styles and rituals. Similarly, the wedding outfits of each region in the country vary as per these customs and traditions. However, one common poinrel=”nofollow”t between all these different states and their traditions is that all of them unanimously believe in the color red being a choice of garment color for brides. Over a period of this too has changed as there is now a variety of lovely shades in the wedding garment market today.



Nigeria is also a large country with a diverse population and therefore, here too the customs and attire vary depending on the traditions of the region. However, stereotypically, most Nigerian brides wear brightly colored wedding clothes and a head tie called the Gele to match the clothes she is wearing.


Traditionally, both the Mongolian bride and groom wear something known as the Deel. The Deel is a form of patterned clothing that has been worn by Mongols for centuries.


Japanese brides often wear pure white kimonos for the formal ceremony as this symbolizes maidenhood and purity. Post the official ceremony; the bride changes into a red kimono that is known to be a good luck charm.


A Kazakh wedding involves a bride sporting a headdress called the Saukele and also a facial veil. This Saukele is something that is traditionally prepared long before a girl reaches the marriage age to be worn on the day of her wedding.




Scotland breaks all new age stereotypes when the Scottish groom sports a traditional skirt which is the kilt of his clan for the wedding. Post the wedding ceremony, the bride wears a shawl that is decorated with the colors of her new husband’s clan, and this symbolizes her apparent transition into his family.

The Carpathian Hutsuls of  Ukraine 

Hutsuls are a Ukrainian ethno-cultural group who reside in Carpathian mountains. The tribe’s wedding clothes are incredibly colorful, and weddings, in particular, are very lively and involve a lot of dancing, games, and jokes.

Oas, Romania 

The Oas region of Romania consider weddings to be very important, and the parents and the bride-and-groom-to-be mostly organize them. These weddings involve a lot of different rituals including preparation of dowry, costumes, picking of godparents, and wedding flags.

Gora, between Kosovo And Macedonia 

The people of Gora or the “Goranis” have adopted the Islamic faith. However, they still have a lot of pagan elements in their customs and traditions, especially during weddings. The Gorani bride is carried on a white horse that is covered with a scarf and a specially decorated umbrella. Additionally, she is accompanied by her family to the neighbor’s house of her husband-to-be.



The Chinese too like many of their Asian counterparts believe in the good luck charm of the color red. They also believe the color red is capable of driving away any evil eye or spirit. As a result, Chinese wedding costumes are almost always red.


Top Fashion Apparel Brands In The World


Christian Dior SA 

Christian Dior SA is a Luxury French Brand that designs ready-to-wear apparel, jewelry, leather goods, footwear, fragrances, make-up, and timepieces.  The brand was developed and founded in the year 1946 by a French designer Christain Dior.


Nike is a Multinational American Company founded in the year 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. Nike started of a manufacturer or sports shoes and other equipment and went on to become the best in the market. Later, Nike diversified into the Apparel space and consequently became the top apparel brand of 2016.

London Fashion


H&M is Sweden’s pride. It is a multinational retail-clothing company. It is popular amongst those who are fashion-forward across age groups. The brand was founded in the year 1947 by Erling Persson in 1947 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.


Zara is a brand with a lot of reputation in the fashion retail industry. It is a Spanish multinational, that is involved in the sale of clothing and accessories. The parent company of Zara is the Inditex Group. Zara came into existence in the year 1974 after Amancio Ortega, Rosalía Mera founded it. It is headquartered in Arteixo, Spain.


Adidas is yet another world-famous sports apparel and accessories retail chain. Adidas is a German multinational corporation and one of the largest in the industry across the globe. Adolf Dassler founded the company in the year 1949. It is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany.


Gap was founded by Donald Fisher and Doris Fisher in the year 1969 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. One lesser known fact about Gap is the secret behind its name. The founders’ named the company gap to symbolize the generation gap of the time as the company was proposing to be recognized as a young brand. Today, Gap is one of the most iconic fashion brands in the world.



Kering, as many may know, is the parent company of many big brands like Gucci, Volcom, Puma, Alexander McQueen, Brioni, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent Paris, and other sports, luxury, sport & lifestyle brands. The company was founded in the year 1963. It is headquartered in Paris.

Ralph Lauren 

Who doesn’t recognize “The” Ralph Lauren? It is one of the leading apparel brands that offers apparel and accessories for men, women, and children.  Brands such as Lauren, Polo, Chaps and Club Monaco are a part of Ralph Lauren. The company was founded by designer Ralph Lauren, in the year 1967. It is headquartered in New York, USA.




Hermes is a French Luxury fashion manufacturer that specializes in leather, home furnishings, lifestyle accessories, perfumes, watches, etc. The brand is famous for its designer scarfs and Cravats. It was founded by  Thierry Hermès in the year 1938 and is headquartered in Paris.


Five Fashion Hotspots In India


Shillong & Imphal 

The Northeast is the fashion capital of India. The region has the right blend of both Indian and western culture that largely influences the fashion choices of the residents. The Northeast, especially Shillong, has a significant Korean influence in their daily lives, ranging from movies to fashion. What stands out in this region’s fashion is its fusion nature and also highly experimentative character. The streets are hotspots for fashion lovers with things that range from athleisure to high street fashion to accessories. The emphasis here is on basics. Shillong and Imphal make the basics work by adding some fiery accessories to pump it up.

New Delhi 

Delhi is a pompous city that always demands the best. This is evident from their choice of lifestyle, clothing, and accessories. Delhi’s fashion ranges from street markets to luxury malls to boutiques. Your choice depends on the budget you have in mind. Delhi is the heartland of India’s fashion conscious. Delhi is especially famous for its wedding wardrobe. The wedding season in Delhi is a to-do in everyone’s bucket list. This is when the people in the city pick of their hottest outfits to rock the festivities that are in line. Remember that subtle is not Delhi’s style. Poppy, bright, and extravagant, are the keywords for Delhi’s wardrobe choices. It is also important to keep in mind that a lot of Delhi’s fashion choices are inspired by the latest trends in the Bollywood Film Industry and the ramp. Delhi is hot and unapologetic about its fashion choices both on and off the streets.


Mumbai is the city of dreams, and this stands true both regarding career and fashion. Mumbai is quite an interesting contrast to Delhi, both in terms of people and style. Mumbai is very subtle and mellow in its manner. Mumbaikers like their outfits to tick two boxes, Stylish and comfortable. Unlike Delhi, Mumbai’s fashion choices are based on outfits that bring out their individuality. They customize trends to suit their personality ensuring they always add a touch of themselves to their outfits to make it stand out. Mumbai does have its own set of boutiques for its class-conscious fashionistas, but it is most famous for its street fashion. The streets of Mumbai are extremely artistic in its style, and every individual on these streets is setting their trend which in many cases turn around to inspire ramp fashion designers.



Pune is a small city with a fashionable yet, not-so-loud sense of style. Pune, it must be noted has a lot of student population, and therefore the fashion in this region is majorly influenced by college students. The city is popular for its ripped jeans and kurtas, emo fashion, kicks and monochrome shades. Pune is a little more hipster in its trends as compared to Delhi and Mumbai. The city believes in creating and setting trends for other cities to follow. The city’s fashion is for the young and lively both by heart and age!



Bangalore is the IT city, and most of its active population are working or college-going. The fashion choices in this city down south are quite quaint owing to the calm and composed outlook of those residing in the city. Bangalore, much like Mumbai is very subtle and mellow in its fashion choices. However, it is still quirky and flavored.


Bizarre Fashion Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

Bizarre Fashion

Mark Twain invented the Bra Clasp 

Now there is more than one reason to remember the famous Mark Twain for it is him who invented the clasp at the back of a bra. Twain’s patent stated that the intent behind his invention is for the clasp to be used in pantaloons, vests, and other garments that require straps.

Andy Warhol was the inspiration behind Christian Louboutin’s red soles

Although, ancient mythology states that the famous Sung King Louis XIV wore red-soled shoes and he secured this privilege solely for the family of Monarchs. However, Louboutin’s inspiration for the creation of the red sole was Andy Warhol’s “Flowers.” His assistant’s red nail paint topped the first red sole and thus was born the iconic Christian Louboutin ” Red Sole.”


red-soled shoes


 Activewear is an invention of recent times

In ancient times, people used to exercises naked. The very meaning of the word “gymnasium” is Greek for “place to be naked.” The ancient greek believed in being naked and exercising in being synonymous. The concept of clothed exercises was of the new ages when people began becoming increasingly conscious of their bodies, and also science began identifying the side effects of exercising naked.

Platform shoes were invented for “literal” drama queens

Platform shoes are not an invention of recent times. They date back to age as ancient as 450 BCE. Back then it was called the Cothurnus. These shoes were made of leather and were cork-soled. The cork soles were up to 6 inches tall and mostly worn by Greek drama actors to add to their heights and stage presence. Although they were popular, they were considered to be awful looking shoes and were therefore hidden by long and flowy robes on stage.

High heels were originally invented for men

Although in this day and age it is the women who are consumers of high heels, back when it came into existence it was designed for men to use as riding footwear. This helped men secure their feet in the stirrups thereby enabling them to shoot the bow and arrow more effectively. However, around 1600s women began sporting high heels as a part of a masculine fashion vogue, along with other trends such as short hair, hats and smoking pipes. Eventually, with the increase in women consumers, the market for man-heels crashed.



Not jeans, but waist-high overalls

Jeans, as we know it today, isn’t how they were called before. Around the time Levi Strauss & Co. patented the riveted denim pants in the year 1873, they called it the “waist-high overalls.”This term went on to be used for decades after that until the baby boomer generation began referring to them as “Blue Jeans.”